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A novel mixture of Mastiff and gazehound options, the Akbash Canine’s traits allow him to carry out as a livestock guardian. This all-white, lean, leggy, muscular canine has an alert, regal look conveying energy, power and braveness with the pace and agility essential to problem and chase predators. His wedge-shaped head is adorned with pendant ears and lengthy tail is curled over his again when shifting or excited. Like different gazehounds, the Akbash Canine is characterised by his lengthy legs, deep chest and tucked flank; the breed’s Mastiff affect is present in his peak, weight, broad head and highly effective look.

Region Flag of turkey Turkey
Cut 71 to 79 cm (male)
69 to 74 cm (female)
Weight 41 to 59 kg (male)
34 to 45 kg (female)
Hair Medium or long
Dress White
Head Large, at the marked stop. Strong and powerful neck and jaws.
Eyes Slightly almond-shaped, brown or dark brown in color.
Ears Drooping, tied back.
Tail Long, sloping to the hock or curved at the end
Character Courageous, assertive, protective, intelligent, loyal and independent


The Akbash Canine is an historic breed native to western Turkey’s plains and mountains, the place he was bred by villagers and shepherds to protect livestock from wolves and different predators. Though the Akbash Canine is the Turkish counterpart to different white guardian breeds native to the northern Mediterranean Basin, he’s the one breed to have the distinct mixture of Mastiff and gazehound traits. Within the 1970s, People David and Judy Nelson started finding out these canines, importing greater than 40 Akbash Canines to america. These imported canines grew to become the breed’s basis inventory in each america and Canada. In 1980, the US Division of Agriculture included Akbash Canines within the Predator Management Program, by which they efficiently carried out, and in 1998, the United Kennel Membership formally acknowledged the Akbash Canine as a member of its Guardian Canine Group.


Appropriate as each a house companion and guard canine, the Akbash Canine is calm, quiet, impartial and regular. He’s loyal, light and affectionate together with his human household, youngsters and different pets. He’s naturally alert and suspicious towards strangers and could be territorial towards different canines. The Akbash Canine is receptive to coaching and must be correctly and continuously socialized and skilled from an early age to make sure a well-behaved household canine and guardian.

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Picture from Instagram : @baileyandbenson


The Akbash Canine’s medium-length or lengthy white coat, which may have gentle biscuit- or gray-colored shading across the ears or undercoat, must be brushed weekly to take away grime and hair that has shed. Occasional bathing and common tooth cleansing and manicure are additionally among the many Akbash Canine’s fundamental grooming wants. Though his exercise degree is comparatively low, the Akbash Canine is greatest suited to a house with a big fenced yard to offer him with loads of room to run when wanted.


Main Considerations: N/A

Minor Considerations: Hip dysplasia, epilepsy, dilated cardiomyopathy and hypothyroidism

Often Seen: Gastric torsion and umbilical hernias

Prompt Checks: Hip, coronary heart and thyroid

Lifespan: 10 to 12 years


Observe: Whereas the traits talked about right here could continuously signify this breed, canines are people whose personalities and appearances will fluctuate. Please seek the advice of the adoption group for particulars on a particular pet.

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