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The Affenpinscher is square-proportioned, compact and durable, with medium bone. This breed is a smaller model of a working terrier, and as such shouldn’t be a fragile canine. That is an lively, robust canine that’s agile sufficient to catch and dispatch rodents. The gait is gentle, sound, and assured. The Affenpinscher has a monkey-like facial features with lengthy eyebrows and beard, which lends an air of comedian seriousness. The tough coat is about 1 inch lengthy on the physique, considerably longer on the top, neck, chest, abdomen and legs. This coat sort supplied safety from pests and harsh situations.

Germany flag
Cut 25 to 30 cm (at the withers)
Weight 4 to 6 kg
Hair Hard and well supplied.
Dress Black.
Head Rounded shape.
Eyes Dark, rather rounded and in a ball.
Ears Straight, small, tied high.
Tail Uncut.
Character Intrepid, attentive, loyal.


The Affenpinscher’s identify describes it effectively: Affen which means monkey and Pinscher which means terrier. In France the Affenpinscher is named the “diablotin moustachu”—moustached little satan, which additionally aptly describes it! As one of many oldest toy breeds, the Affenpinscher’s origins are obscure. Work by the previous Dutch Masters from the fifteenth century usually included canines resembling Affenpinschers, however extra particular proof of the breed is absent. Small terriers adept at dispatching rats have been plentiful in central Europe by the seventeenth century. In Germany, they have been used to rid stables and kitchens of rodents. Even smaller variations of those canines have been most well-liked for woman’s lap canines, capable of defend the house from rodents, heat their mistress’ lap, and amuse your entire family with their antics. This small model ultimately grew to become the Affenpinscher, which was later refined by occasional crosses with the Pug, German Pinscher, and German Silky Pinscher. The Affenpinscher in flip grew to become the progenitor of different wire-coated toys, most notably the Brussels Griffon. The breed was hottest in Germany, which may lay declare as its homeland. In 1936 the AKC acknowledged the Affenpinscher, however World Warfare II slowed any momentum in recognition the breed had gained. Since then, the breed has remained extraordinarily uncommon even in America and Germany, its comparative strongholds.

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The Affenpinscher lives as much as its identify monkey terrier in each seems and actions. They’re terriers at coronary heart, busy, inquisitive, daring, and cussed, but in addition like to monkey round, being playful and mischievous. This breed tends to bark and even climb. Not like most terriers, they’re pretty good with different canines and pets. This little canine is greatest with a household that likes leisure and has an excellent humorousness.


Though an lively and lively canine, the train wants of the Affenpinscher will be met with vigorous indoor video games or romps within the yard, or with quick walks on leash. The cruel coat wants combing two or 3 times weekly, plus shaping each three months. Shaping must be dealt with by an expert groomer.


  • Main issues: none
  • Minor issues: patellar luxation, corneal ulcers
  • Often seen: PDA, open fontanel, respiratory difficulties, Legg-Perthes
  • Prompt exams: knee, eye
  • Life span: 12–14 years


Notice: Whereas the traits talked about right here could regularly signify this breed, canines are people whose personalities and appearances will range. Please seek the advice of the adoption group for particulars on a selected pet.

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